Outlook Won't Login

The First Time you Login to Citrix, your outlook will need configured. This is mostly automatic, except for logging in.

1. When you first login to the new citrix desktop and outlook opens, you will see this screen.

2. Fill in your credentials as below using your full email address as your username. If you don't have the option to do this, see the next step.

3. If you entered your password without changing your username,

You will see this screen.

4. Click on More Choices then click Use a Different account.

5. Enter your full email address for your username then your password. Remember to check the box to 'Remember my Credentials'.

6. If your username and password is correct, you will see this screen.

7. Once outlook is open, you will occasionally see this prompt. Check the box and click allow if it matches. If not, contact Help Desk to confirm.