How to Allow File Access

The first time you access citrix, you are prompted for access rights. You should respond "Read and Write Access".

If for whatever reason you do not get prompted, here's how you can allow access.

Option 1: From outside of citrix.

1. Right click the Citrix Receiver Icon in the bottom right system tray, near the clock. (If not there, click the up arrow to see more icons, then right click.) Left click Advanced Preferences.

2. Click on Connection Center

3. In the right-hand column, select Preferences:

4. Under the File Access tab, select "Read and write". Then click Apply.

Option 2: From inside Citrix Desktop

1. From inside the full Donohoe desktop app, click on the bar at the top.

2. Click on Preferences.

3. Click the radial for Read and Write then click OK to apply the settings. You can now access your local files through citrix.

If you are using the light version:

To upload files from your computer to Citrix in the Light version, you click on the toolbar that’s docked at the top of the Light version tab, select upload, and then follow the prompts.

To download files from Citrix to your computer in the Light version you have two options. First, use the toolbar that’s docked at the top of the tab, select download, and follow the prompts. Alternatively, you can also drop anything you want to download in “Save To My Device” under “This PC” and it will automatically initiate a download using your browser.