Switch from Browser(Light) to App

To switch between citrix in your browser and citrix as it's own window, or changing from the app to the browser, follow these steps.

Login to http://work.donohoe.com with your credentials.

You may be prompted to select Light or use the Desktop App. If you've already selected one or the other, or are not being prompted, click on the drop down arrow in the upper right next to your name.

Click "Change Citrix Receiver..." to go to the selection screen.

Select 'Detect Receiver' to have citrix in it's own window, which needs Citrix Workspace or Citrix Receiver installed on the computer you are using. Select "light version" to work through the browser window. Do not use this method inside the network.

If you are inside Donohoe 7101 or CBS at 5151, you should be using the "Detect receiver" option. If you need the citrix app, click here for the walk through.