NOTE: Only Chrome and Firefox browsers in windows are supported.

The new Citrix uses Duo multi-factor authentication with your phone to greatly improve security. When logging onto Citrix for the first time you’ll need to set up your Duo account and connect it to your phone. This is an install directly to your phone and doesn't require any software installed on the computer. Every subsequent time, you will need to have your phone available when logging into Citrix from outside the office.

1. Go to, enter your Citrix username and password, and click “Log On”.

2. Click “Start setup” to begin setting up your Duo account.

This setup is for your phone and installs nothing on the local computer.

3. Select “Mobile phone” and click “Continue”.

4. Enter your mobile phone number. Verify that it’s correct and check the box and click “Continue”.

5. Select the type of phone you’re using and click “Continue”.

6. Go to your phone’s app store and install the free “Duo Mobile” app.

7. On your computer, click “I have Duo Mobile installed”.

8. On your computer, a bar code will be displayed.

9. On your phone, open the Duo Mobile app and click the “+” sign.

10. Hold the phone camera up to the computer screen so it can see the QR code. Once the phone sees the QR code it will automatically configure Duo Mobile.

11. Once successfully configured, a new Donohoe Companies account will appear in the Duo Mobile list.

12. Click “Continue”.

13. Click “Continue to Login”.

14. Select “Send Me a Push”.

15. Open the Duo Mobile app on your phone and approve the login request.

16. On your computer, select “Detect Receiver”. If you don’t want or cannot install the Citrix Receiver, instead select “Use light version” and it will open Citrix sessions in a new tab in your browser.

17. Select “Citrix Receiver Launcher”, check “Remember my choice for receiver links”, and click “Open link”.

18. Select “Save File”.

19. Click the downloaded file to open it.

20. Click “Yes”.

21. Click “Start”.

22. Check the box and click “Install”.

NOTE: If prompted for your email address click “Cancel”.

23. Click “Finish”.

24. Click “Continue”.

25. Select “Citrix Receiver Launcher”, check the box for “Remember my choice for receiver links”, and click “Open link”.

26. If the new Citrix client isn’t detected within several seconds, click “Already installed”.

27. Your list of Citrix applications will open. The applications will change depending on what you have access to.

NOTE: If your browser downloads a file instead of starting the Citrix session, then run the downloaded file to start the Citrix session.